We finance every investment

SPZOZ [Independent Public Healthcare] and NZOZ [Nonpublic Healthcare] institutions may invest in their development and modernization without a necessity to use their own funds thus strengthening a competitive position of a medical establishment and raising patient treatment standards.


  • medical equipment
  • image diagnostics
  • infrastructure
  • medambulance

Comparison of financing opportunities

Benefits for a hospital

  • BFF MEDFinance and Supplier start together as consortium participants
  • No primary charge
  • WIBOR 1M fixed or variable interest
  • Fixed or diminishing instalments
  • Hospital is the owner of medical equipment and it deducts depreciation allowances
  • Any possible security is provided in the form of a registered pledge on medical equipment
  • BFF MEDFinance starts in a tender where a Supplier acts as a subcontractor
  • Primary charge (0 - 10%)
  • VAT (8%) payable in a single amount after medical equipment is delivered
  • Buyout charge most frequently at the level of 0,1% - 1%
  • BFF MEDFinance is the owner of medical equipment while hospital deducts depreciation allowances
  • No additional security

Instalment sale

Instalment sale allows to finance the purchase of any medical devices on instalments. The Company offers a package service to go through the entire investment process involving a purchase and delivery of equipment to perform medical services.

  • No requirements
  • No need to arrange its own financing by hospital
  • Financing provided for up to 60 months
  • Financing price included in the equipment price

upper limit of purchases financed


Lease provides funds for modernization of medical infrastructure with no need to involve all capital corresponding to the value of the equipment purchased.

  • Lease financial
  • 8% Vat payable in a single amount within 7 days of the delivery date of a lease object
  • Obligatory buy out of the lease object
  • Agreement concluded for a definite period of time
  • Equipment depreciation is hospital’s cost
  • Period of financing up to 60 months
  • First 0% payment
  • Security on the equipment finances
  • Operating lease
  • It is possible to use current revenues to finance the investment
  • No requirements for borrowing power
  • No upper limits for financing medical equipment
  • No requrirements for borrowing power minimum formalities
  • Easy access to modern medical equipment


Loan is a service of providing a supplier with a cash loan for any purpose such as business development and investments using a simplified credit rating procedure.

  • Funds for any purpose
  • Security blank bill of exchange
  • No Vat and Civil Transaction taxes
  • Prompt credit decision

Minimum formalities