We are the financial partner providing public and non-public hospitals with an opportunity to acquire financing for investments, and in particular to be provided with financing for the replacement and purchase of new medical equipmen

We finance every investment

SPZOZ [Independent Public Healthcare] and NZOZ [Nonpublic Healthcare] institutions may invest in their development and modernization without a necessity to use their own funds thus strengthening a competitive position of a medical establishment and raising patient treatment standards

  • medical equipment
  • image diagnostics
  • infrastructure
  • medambulance
Since 2011 we have provided financing investments totalling


Good Investment

The Mazovian Regional Hospital in Siedlce Modernization of ICU

  • Number of beds in the unit following modernization: 15
  • New floorspace: 660 m2
  • Period of the investment repayment: between 3 and 5 years
  • Form of financing: instalment sale
  • Number of monthly instalments: 60

Investment cost: 8
million PLN

“It was one of the hospital largest investments; we made every effort to do everything as well as possible. To buy leading brand equipment because it is all about saving human life. Financing was also based on assumptions made. The Company's budget funds were used for the project construction part, while equipment was paid as part of the instalment payment system”.

Marcin Kulicki, President, Mazovian Regional Hospital in Siedlce

Management Board


Supervisory Board

Following the decision of the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście District in Łódź, 20th Section of National Court Register of 30 July 2010 MedFinance S.A., with its registered office in Łódź, was registered in the National Court Register under KRS Number 361997, REGON 100907116, NIP 7252027054;with its share capital amounting to 8 500 000 PLN and fully covered

Capital Group

BFF Polska S.A. is a leader on the financial services market of the health protection sector. BFF Polska is also involved in activities on European markets in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its activities on a global scale enable to exchange experience between participants of health protection markets in Poland and in other countries.

  • BFF Polska S.A. is a leader on the financial services market of the health protection sector. Since 2007, it has been the company listed at the Securities Stock Exchande.

  • Magellan Central Europe s.r.o. operates in Slovakia based on the business model which was worked out by Magellan S.A. proving a right one

  • Magellan Ceska republika s.r.o. operates in Czech republic and focuses on ensuring an access to current financing for suppliers and their hospitals. The Company has worked out its own solutions to combine specific of the Czech market with the business model of Magellan S.A.

Compliance guidelines

The Global Compliance Guidelines are designed as a tool to reinforce in BFF Polska and its Subsidiaries’ commitment to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards for enhancing and preserving the BFF Polska and Subsidiaries’ reputation, as well as for aligning BFF Polska and the Subsidiaries with BFF’s policies and best practices on corporate criminal liability.

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